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Rating System

Over the years I’ve grown disillusioned with most current rating systems for content. I’ve never been a fan of the star based system, yet wanted more diversity than the simple thumbs up / down method. Don’t even get me started on the number system used in video games.

So in response to this over the years I have developed my “Goblin” rating system. It attempts to mix how I feel about a work, while also giving an impression if a work is any good.

The beauty of the system lies in not given a definitive numerical value, but instead a subjective overall quality to the work. It relies not on where in the system a given work falls, but more what category it falls into. While you could force this system into a 5 star system or 2x it out into the traditional 10 numerical system typically found in games, you would be doing it a disservice.

I won’t pretend that it is a perfect system, but I like it. We will see how it holds up since I will be using it whenever I discuss things that I’ve recently consumed.

Lastly, if you wish to use this system by all means, have fun.

Goblin Yuck!

“Me just couldn’t hold it. Make stomach ache. No good.”

I just heaved this up and onto the floor. No really, you don’t want to consume that.

Goblin Scowl

“You can eat it, but me no likey.”

I’ve managed to keep this sucker down, but it’s not good.

Goblin Like

“Me likey.”

If you’re a fan of this particular kind of genre or style, you should like this.

Goblin Lifts Beer Mug


Really, it’s good. You should consider it even if you normally don’t go for this type of thing.

Goblin Masterpiece

“If you no eat, let me have it!”

What are you still doing here? Go get it!

Release Schedule

I've been pondering what the release schedule for Forgotten Tales should look like.

What day of the week should I aim to release new stories? I was doing Fridays, but I'm not certain that should be the case going forward.

While I could really do any day of the week, three options currently strike my fancy: Monday, Thursday, or Friday.

Monday is generally the start of the week and would give people an opportunity to start their week with new content.

Thursday gives people an opportunity to end the work week with new content.

Friday would generally be targeting for people to read over the weekend or on their way home from work.

I could also just leave it hanging without a specific date and just release them once a week based on availability.

It's a quandary.

If you have any thoughts on the matter feel free to send them my way at twitter or email.

The Tale Engine

After some debate I've finally choosen a name for my game engine. The Tale Engine.

The main driver for me to develop my own game engine is to create something catered to me and has a few specific graphical and tool qualities that don't exist in other engines.

It's going to take a lot of work to get it up and running. For right now I don't have the time to devote to it so I'm going to shelve most of it for the next couple of months.

In its place I'm going to give a stab at Unity to create a small adventure game.

This is going to allow me to hammer out out some of the core elements that I will need for my engine without being mired in getting code working and other considerations.

Forgotten Tales - 8: Mine

The 8th installment of Forgotten Tales is up.

I was a tad behind on getting it written. Got a bit wrapped up in finishing season 4 of Fallen Skies.

This one is more of a fragment than a full short story. Had the idea in my head, but not really enough time to explore it. I might decide to come back to it.

There is plenty to cover this week so stay tuned.

Let's Try That Again

I apologize for being behind schedule. Last week I discovered that my SSN had been used to file a fraudulent tax return.

I spent most of last week going over that, checking things, filing paperwork, and generally stressing out over the stupidity of identity theft.

It looks like a hack to an employment agency earlier in the year is the culprit for my SSN getting out.


Everything has calmed down a bit, so, let's try to get started this week instead.